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to make her drop her charges. with a court order in hand officials from the city of aurora entered a townhome this morning, to remove more than 300 birds that had been living there. the greater chicago caged bird club will take all the birds and find homes for them. david skeberdis, a self- described bird hoarder and the owner of the townhouse says he wants what's best for the birds. last week officials inspected his home and found it cluttered with bird feed, feces, and garbage. they also found dangerously high levels of mold and several dead birds. we want to bring closure to this incident as safely as possible. skeberdis said he is living at an extended-stay hotel and looks forward to making his home liveable again. the hinsdale school board is going to allow "r" rated films to be shown in literature class at hinsdale south high school, after all. a parent who wanted to keep "r" rated films like "brokeback mountain" and "american beauty" out of the classroom, filed an appeal. the superintendent rejected it and the board supports the superintendent. next a horrifying discovery
from the daley adminstration. wgn's judy wang reports. >>a public hearing on the new city budget will be held tonight on the northwest side. it's the first of three hearings being hosted by the city council's progressive caucus. the hearings are intended to encourage chicagoans to offer their own ideas, suggestions and concerns regarding mayor rahm emanuel's proposed budget for next year. tonight's hearing gets under way at 6 p-m at the copernicus center, at 5216 west lawrence. the city council's progressive caucus will host two more budget hearings next week on the south and west sides. >> your authority to order an audit of the city has always existed in the contract and it has never been exercised. i told our financial people that we're going to exercise that authority. it is a bad deal for the city of chicago. parking rates have soared. a continue to fight a $14 million bill from the company. the city took meter spaces out of service. the mayor also disputes the $35 million bill. there diligently submitting financial information. the mayor has also ordered audit for the skywa
-the-vote effort. over the next several days in the city of chicago voters will begin receiving voter guides. it looks like this. this is a simple guide. it will tell you where you're pulling pacepolling place will be come election day. >> approximately 15 percent of our voters will have a new polling place. >> it will result in changes for 15% of the city's 1.1 million registered voters. there will be a new precinct for these folks. the chicago board of elections doing everything they can to notify the 15%. your actual voter card will also have your precinct address. when it comes to the early voting the chairman wants to know that you do not have to go to the precinct address that is printed on your card. you have dozens of options across the city. >> whatever is most convenient to you. fan of both websites on our web site. >>president obama and republican presidential candidate mitt romney faced off last night in a debate that was often heated and contentious. cnn's rene marsh is in hempstead, new york with a recap. >> the running mates are weighing in after last night's matchup. >
dollars. wgn's nancy loo has more from the far south side. >> other city workers are harvesting one of the biggest marijuana fields ever found in the city of chicago. up close there is no mistaking what has been growing. enough cannabis to cover to fulfil its. likely over 1000 plants. a helicopter crew made the big find. >> a lot of it we could not see because it was underneath the tree is. >> some of the plants are 10 ft. high. >> we do not have of room to grow something within this seclusion. this would have to be one of the biggest ones i would think. >> there's a little camp that was set up where there was a watchman's hitting. sitting. >> their harvesting the plants today. >> we fly over it quite a bit. >> and have made it a number of smaller fines. this is a big one. and i'll take a lot of drugs off the street. it will take a lot of drugs off of the street. still to come: a major overhaul at city hall. mayor emmanuel announces an entire new ethics board. coming up next. a new lawsuit has been filed in the penn state sex abuse scandal. and just ahead, the search for jim
. passengers can not get in or out of new york city, boston washington dc or philadelphia. airlines are waiving fees for passengers in some areas and in some cases offering refunds. >> even when we were on the scene we could see the storm developing. it made everyone kind of on averageedge. were anxious to get home. >> amtrak stop service between washington d.c. and chicago. >> people i've been warned to take caution on chicago's lakefront because of hurricane sandy. it could with up waves higher than double decker buses. 20 ft. waves are expected this evening and 33 ft. waves are expected tomorrow. >> president obama is canceling his appearance at a campaign event in ohio with former president bill clinton. he also canceled an event in virginia. >> michelle obama got out of washington a day early and spent the night here in chicago. she will fly to iowa for a couple campaign appearances and then get back to chicago where she will wait out the storm. she has canceled an appearance tomorrow in new hampshire. >> mitt romney cancelled events in virginia and new hampshire and is moving his ca
for hearings into the possible closings of up to 120 schools. w-g-n's judy wang is live at city hall with details. >> he says he has learned about 100 schools may be targeted. he says he once administrators to come here to city hall to explain why. >> the list is growing. in favor of education committee hearings. >> i think we should force the hearings with the education committee. at the same time ask them to appear in front of us. we can start going over the list. >> there refused to a knowledge a school closing plan. high- ranking administrators told them that 80-120 underperforming or underutilized schools could closed. the resolution comes the same week teachers approved a four year $300 million deal. school closings at a retail. this will be the next big fight. >> and is on their hands. it is certainly not on our spirit if they would like to listen to us and make the community and the people who actually work in the schools a part of the process they might actually have a little bit more success. >> they say the public has a right to transparency. >> by having it transpare
- thousand dollars in disability benefits. city officials have not commented on the subpoena. it's sentencing day for william cellini. he was convicted of trying to shake down a hollywood producer for a campaign donation for former governor blagojevich, in exchange for a state contract. federal prosecutors want an 8- year sentence. the defense is asking he get probation. >>grabbing food while in a hurry is about to become a lot easier in chicago. mayor emanuel has unveiled 23 locations for food trucks. these vehicles would be allowed to set up for two hours at a time at each location, but requires them to stay at least 200 feet away from any licensed restaurants. there would be some designated stands where the trucks would be exempt from the 200-feet rule. the locations include lakeview lincoln park, and the loop. the full city council must still approve the locations. >>coming up next the growing concerns around the country over a meningitis outbreak that's killed four people and sickened dozens of others. and, after being famously created in a harvard dorm room, social media giant facebook
will be performed today on human remains found in the city's south side. a decomposed body was discovered behind a building at 91-st and harper yesterday morning. the body is believed to be female, but it has not yet been identified. a utility worker checking in the back of the house, spotted the body and called police. the remains were found underneath a pile of tires. neighbors say they had complained of a foul odor coming from the house for some time. >>later in the day, some people fishing in the cal sag channel found what could be a human skull. it was discovered on the southwest bank near 130th and south indiana avenue. investigators also found other skeletal remains in the area. they're trying to determine if the remains are human. riverdale police are investigating. a man who was arrested for a double murder, after detectives followed a lottery ticket trail, is now on trial. 42-year old timothy fountain is charged with first degree murder and armed robbery. prosecutors say fountain shot and killed store clerk, graciela rodriguez inside maggy's food store on south california in august
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, the real estate market in some cities is still holding strong. and it seems london is certainly one of them. c-n-n's richard quest shows us one tiny apartment with one hefty price tag. next, details on a plan to expand chicago's riverwalk. and later in the medical watch >>there is no more. 10 ft 4 by 8 ft 4. >> this as the length of the flat. the apartment is a converted cloak room. i would point out the high ceiling and natural light coming through. i would point out the location. >> the original asking price of $145,000 has been well exceeded. the top offers are believed to be around 280,000. this tiny apartment is in the best part of london. next to the top people's. >> you're going to get a hell of a lot of interest. the demand for this unique property has been intense. more than 100 viewing. a dozen offers. ironically the winner is likely to be an investor from greece. more than a quarter of a million dollars. an awful lot of money. for not a lot of apartment. if that is what someone will pay for ait does what it's worth. that is what it is worth. >> had dared noble tries
city. 42-year-old gena has been missing since october 13th. police have charged live-in boyfriend clark with first degree murder. investigators say they found blood throughout the couple's home. outside the home, they found blood-stained woman's clothing broken furniture and a plastic shower curtain stained in blood. officials say clark discussed telling police where body was as long as he could get a deal. congressman jesse jackson junior is heading back to the mayo clinic. jackson has been on medical leave from his duties as representative of the second congressional district since june for treatment of bi-polar disorder. in a robocall this weekend jackson pleaded with his constituents to be patient. the reverend jesse jackson his father says his son needs more treatment to in his words regain his equilibrium. jackson has served in congress for 17-years and is running for re-election. he has not been campaigning however and faces a challenge from republican brian woodworth. it is against medical advice. i will always give my call to my constituents i ask you to continue with pa
but the national transportation safety board will investigate. it was once one of the city's most popular events but now officials say taste of chicago may continue losing money for the foreseeable future. the city is still finalizing financial reports on last summer's five-day taste but special events chief michelle boone says the event almost certainly fell short of breaking even. she's hopeful it didn't lose more money than in recent years. in the past, the "taste" routinely made money.. drawing well over three million people a year. attendance began dropping after incidents of violence near the festival.. and moves to downsize the "taste". coming up next counting down to the election. the candidates for president trade verbal punches over foreign policy in the last debate. and later, organic versus conventional food for kids which is better and is it worth the extra cost? ar governor romney accused the president of taking a week stand against iran's nuclear program. >> >> after he killed him i was at ground zero for a memorial to talk to a young woman who is 4 years old was 5 years old whe
,000 apartments and three quarter of a million manhattanites with no power. remember battery park city that 13 ft. storm surge that water did rise. eroded all of the park's and subway systems.tonight at 5:00, yorkers will get partial service. mayor bloomberg just briefed the media. we all understand this is the case across new york. most of these areas are still under water. we have a big mixture here. some parts of manhattan are definitely getting back to normal. midtown manhattan is definitely coming back to life. shelters will continue to stay open. the governors of both new york and new jersey are putting curfews in place. until this all comes together and the devastation it is cleaned up we will not be back to normal. >> good to see new york beginning to come back after that major storm. >> president obama has already declared a major disaster area and the states of new york and new jersey. the order means federal aid is now available to supplement state and local recovery efforts from hurricane sandy. assistance can include grants for temporary housing and home repairs, low-cost loans to
in with. just ahead the new technology being implemented to help police detect gunfire in the city. but first, when we come back, an exclusive story: the new development in the john wayne gacy case. a mother gets news about her son, believed to be one of the serial killer's 33 victims. [ cat 1 ] i am not a vegetarian... look at these teeth! they're made for meat! [ cat 2 ] do i look like i'm stalking plants? [ male announcer ] most dry foods add plant protein, like gluten but iams never adds gluten. iams adds 50% more animal protein, [ cat 3 ] look at this body! under this shiny coat is a lean mean purring machine [ cat 4 ] i am too! hahahaha! [ male announcer ] iams. with 50% more animal protein. [ cat 5 ] yum! [ cat 1 ] i'm an iams cat. feed me what i'm born to eat. meow. an update to a story about wayne gacy. the total last year and a woman had one of the victims exhumed to see if it was in deep her son who was reported missing 36 years ago in 1976. she always had her doubts even though the body was found next to the body of michael's friend a
in the city and suburbs, the chicago sun-times has learned. cost of the county right now $143 of debt to house one person. a spokesman for the national rifle association says the company is looking to make legal gun owners scapegoats. they fan ofa similar tax was proposed in 2007. and never passed. >>schools are closed today, and they will be again tomorrow in evergreen park.. where a teacher strike is now in its second week. wgn's nancy loo has the latest on negotiations to end the walkout. there is no end in sight. union leaders say they're disappointed. there and it just after a visit from the president of the chicago division of labor. you're referring furrier judge and community is now they will fight for their jobs later. the words of encouragement. fuel to every teacher to ticket with more purpose. our organization is in 100 percent support of what is current on the ear. the 210 educators to remain on strike are not finding too hopeful of a returning to the classrooms at a time some. both sides reported little to no progress. despite nine hours of negotiation. shutting down five sch
nations general assembly in new york city last week. when the iranian delegation went home last thursday, he stayed behind. he claims he's afraid to return to iran because he's believed to be an opponent of the regime. his wife and two kids have escaped from iran for their safety. >> ten years after terrorizing a city and the country. one of the washington d-c snipers is sharing his story and his remorse. lee boyd malvo and john allen muhammad shot 13 people over a three-week period in 2002. the two chose their victims at random then shot them from the modified trunk of a car. ten of the victims died. muhammad was executed in 2009. malvo laughed about the shootings when he was arrested, but now says he is haunted by the brutality of his own actions. >>i am sorry. there is no way to express that. what am i going to tell them? >>malvo says there was one particular incident where he wouldn't follow muhammed's orders. he says muhammad told him to kill a pregnant woman, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. >>the presidential candidates are keeping a low profile today. preparing for to
on the wgn news at nine, for a debate wrap and analysis. the city is tapping into chicago's online community. seeking solutions to chicago's illegal gun problem. wgn's randi belisomo reports police superintendent garry mccarthy and others are exploring some of those innovative ideas. police superintendent was a speaker at this morning's events. they launched a twitter handle. seeking strategy is to tackle the illegal gun issue. mccarthy had some ideas of his own. he first wish to address the tone of the debate nationwide. it is too polarizing. it must move more towards the center. the chicago police department seized nine illegal guns for everyone gun seized the first six months of the year. legislation could help. in illinois there is no requirement to report the loss theft or replacement of a firearm. >> you give it to whoever you want. you sell it to everyone. that simple measure would change the dynamic of firearms. those guns to not have expiration dates. >> this is an idea that is in the conceptual stage. considering the possibility of boosting the number of charter schools. >> s
climate in the city. creating a small business center. this budget makes critical investments by reforming government instead of raising taxes. >> our goal is to reform where we can and where we must. that is where matters. providing greater opportunities for our children. a mixed reactions to the mayor's speech. he felt as though there should have been more than 4 in. and 57 police officers457 police officers. >> i did not think that is enough. >> whatever we can afford that is what we're going to try to do. >> i think it is a very optimistic message. even though these are tough economic times. it appears that chicago is going to be able to do more with less. >> mayor stressed the need for pension reform. the aldermen will have about one month to think over herit.>>video gambling is now up and running at bars truck stops and other locations around illinois. wgn's amy rutledge joins us live from davern's tavern in southwest suburban justice. amy? >> already busy on here. they have already had a couple $400 winners. >> and it brings people here who normally would not come
friend was left paralyzd. this is the first time since 2003 the city has exceeded 400- murders by october. in response to the recent shootings, members of sweet holy spirit church held a prayer walk yesterday. members called for peace and an end to the violence. residents say are now surprised the city's homicide rate now tops 400. >> an american airlines flight from chicago made an emergency landing in st. louis. none of the passengers were injured. the co-pilot became ill. the plane was headed for dallas. no word on on when passengers will continue the flight >>teachers in evergreen park could go on strike tomorrow. a meeting tonight could determine if parents need to make alternate arrangments for their kids. wgn's amy rutledge is live with the latest. >> his last have parents start thinking in that direction. two sessions last week did not go well. the two sides are still split on substantial issues. >> the district and federation of teachers have been trying to hammer out a contract since late april. time is about to run up. >> we are paying all of these high taxes to keep schools o
will resume tomorrow in a few sections of the city's subway system carried he toured the sublease also. the governor also toward ground 0 which now has structural concerns due to severe flooding. several feet of standing water makes runways and ramps look more like a leak of an airport. it is not clear whether flooding caused damage inside the airport facility. jfk and newark international are open today but with limited service. questions are being raised about why a hospital was not evacuated before sandy hit. patients had to be evacuated to another hospital in the middle of the night. a nurse told the huffington post there was little information given by hospital administrators and staff members were playing it by ear. the parents of a newborn who weighed 2 lbs. were trapped in their apartment in new jersey and heard about the evacuation from a news report. and all the bridges were closed and we had no choice but to go home and sit and wait for them to get here. it was a very long night. i have not even have one hour of sleep. >> emma sophia is doing well and was reunited with he
>>police in calumet city are asking for help- finding a woman who has been missing since last weekend. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. >>our top story. >> the disappearance has neighbors concerned. investigators are here on the scene gathering evidence. police have not said whether they suspect foul play. >> she has not been seen since saturday. police have spent the last day and a half gathering evidence. she works as a hairdresser. her keys and car are at the home where she lived with her boyfriend. >> he has not been seen either. >> you read about this kind of stuff every day. >> to get a little bit apprehensive. >> the major crimes task force is helping city police with this investigation. >>a hazmat team in aurora is having a tough time getting into the home of a suspected hoarder apparently the garbage is piled too high. the home is suspected of housing animals and dead birds. wgn's judy wang is live in aurora with details. judy >> the animal control
holland takes a closer look at chicago's rap music scene and its influence on violence in the city. a man from bangladesh is in custody in new york on charges of plotting to blow up the federal reserve bank. his name is quazi mohammed rezwanul ahsan nafis he came to america on a student visa, and studied cybersecurity at southeast missouri state university. new york police say nafis loaded what he thought was a bomb into a van, parked it outside the federal reserve building, and planned to detonate it remotely with a cellphone. and the new york times says, nafis briefly considered a plot to kill president obama. nafis was caught after the f-b- i got wind of the plot and arranged for him to buy a fake bomb. president obama has chosen a chicago venue for his election night rally. win or lose, obama plans to spend the evening at mc-cormick place. this victory rally in 2008 drew more than 200 thousand people to grant park. mc-cormick place is a much smaller venue. since it's indoors, there's no risk of rain, and much less risk of a security problem. chicagoans will get a chance to see a d
field" at lane tech high school. cubs charities, the wood foundation, and the city teamed up for the five- million dollar baseball complex. cubs chairman tom ricketts was there, and promised fans they will see results next season. in a letter to season ticket holders, ricketts reconfirmed all profits will go back into the team, and the cubs will win a world series on his watch. the yankees trying to eliminate the orioles in game four. it's tied at one, in the 13-th inning j-j hardy hits a fly ball off the left field wall to drive in the go- ahead run for baltimore. joe girardi brought in a pinch- hitter for alex rodriguez for the second game in a row. but this time eric chavez lines out to third base to end the game. orioles win 2-1 to force a final game five in new york tonight. >>a decisive game- five in oakland. the tigers and a's scoreless in the third inning, when detroit's austin jackson hits one to deep left- center for an r-b-i double. that's all justin verlander needed. he struck out 11 and only gave up four hits in a complete game shutout. tigers win 6-nothing to ad
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